Who are we?

Our journey began in 2011, dedicated to empowering retail clients to achieve their goals through our solutions.

Why did we start? Because we’re tech geeks at heart. We firmly believe technology can transform businesses, making them more efficient and saving time. We’ve grown around this passion, helping numerous companies elevate their tech game with personalized solutions for all sorts of needs.

At IMSOL, we’re all about data – understanding it and using it to make businesses run better. But our ultimate goal? It’s simple: your satisfaction. 

Our values



At IMSOL, we're not simply solution providers; we are your devoted growth partners. Our resolute dedication centers on guiding you towards achieving substantial and enduring growth within the fiercely competitive industry. We maintain a continuous pulse on the latest industry trends, ensuring our profound understanding of the ever-evolving market needs. Our commitment is unwavering, focusing on the consistent implementation of cutting-edge solutions and technologies that align seamlessly with our clients' best interests.



We craft an ideal blend of guidance, tools, and solutions tailored to your unique requirements. What sets us apart is our custom, integrated approach, distinguishing us from competitors. We uphold elevated standards and strive to excel. Our expertise and professionalism, honed over years of experience, are the driving forces behind our performance.


Aiming excellence

We maintain rigorous standards and continually aim for excellence. IMSOL places a strong emphasis on individual and collective growth, fostering the continuous development of every team member. Additionally, we approach every interaction with an open-minded eagerness to listen and learn. We welcome the uncharted as a challenge, recognizing that it's through bold ideas that we evolve and successfully turn concepts into impactful projects.



At IMSOL, our commitment is to assist you in achieving your business objectives, and we assume complete responsibility for our actions and their outcomes, guaranteeing accountability and reliability in every aspect of our operations. When you join forces with us, you'll have the advantage of working with a meticulously selected team tailored to your unique requirements. This ensures your collaboration with industry-leading professionals.

Our work process

Understanding your needs

Finding the most suitable and cost effective solution.

Dedicated team

We carefully assign every task to the right people in order to boost efficiency and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Planning and installation

We plan in detail every stage of the project to achieve a perfect mix between objectives, costs and resources. Delivering on-time, every time, at the highest quality standards are our strengths.

Customer Support

We made customer satisfaction our top priority, so we are available for technical support 24/7.


We stand ready to help our clients breathe life into groundbreaking concepts and employ seamless integrative strategies, all while remaining environmentally conscious.

We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk. Our own business practices serve as a paragon of environmental and social responsibility.

Explore the core pillars that shape our endeavors.