Self Check-out Dispensers

Smart dispensers for tobacco or impulsive buying products
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Tobacco Smart Solution


By implementing tobacco smart solutions stores can increase the diversity of tobacco brands and attract a greater number of shoppers - increased sales.

Swift delivery

The absence of tobacco advertisements and the necessity for plain packaging pose significant operational hurdles in terms of restocking and ensuring timely delivery of tobacco products to customers. Nonetheless, a dispenser provides a solution by allowing customers to quickly choose their tobacco products directly, resulting in swift delivery within seconds.

Full integration

It can be integrated with the cash register, designing a seamless communication protocol to facilitate the exchange of the purchasing process.

Theft prevention

The best solution for securing tobacco products and restricting access to designated personnel for replenishment purposes.

Intuitive vending screens

Touch screens facilitate rapid and effortless product selection, ensuring a seamless customer experience. When products are out of stock, their unavailability is immediately indicated, preventing unsuccessful selections. The customizable design of the touchscreen allows for the display of prices, enhancing transparency for customers.

Respect for all customers

Explicit images on tobacco products can be concealed from the view of children or non-smoking customers, preserving their exposure to such imagery.

Impulsive Buying Smart Solution

The integration of anti-theft measures with sales promotion guarantees a tangible revitalization of this increasingly crucial cashier area.

Ideal for Self Check-Out

  • Reducing the time to serve certain products to the customers;
  • Reducing the number of wrong picks;
  • Facilitating the re-ordering of the products;
  • Reducing/ eliminating out of stock situations;
  • Giving full control over stock via inventory management (remotely);
  • Limiting tobacco access to dedicated staff;
  • Reducing the workload for staff members dealing with certain impulsive buying products;
  • Improving the design of the shop.
Self Check Out Dispenser

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