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Immerse yourself in a cutting-edge world of merchandise protection. Our arsenal includes a diverse range of anti-theft solutions, meticulously tailored to your unique retail needs. Our team stands ready around the clock, ensuring your merchandise remains under impenetrable safeguard.

Electronic Article Surveillance

EAS systems use tags or labels on merchandise that trigger alarms when passing through security gates. They're the first line of defense in protecting your items from theft.

Antitheft antennas

Antitheft antennas


          • AM Labels
          • RF Labels
          • EM Labels
          • Hard Tags
          • Spiders
          • Safers

Antennas models:

          • Integrated in POS
          • Vertical
          • Ceiling
          • Under the floor


          • AM (58 kHz)
          • RF (8,2 MHz)
          • EM

Line Alarm Security - Security stands for devices

Security stand for smartwatches or laptop
Security stand for accesories

Security Hooks & Accesories

    Standard metallic hooks
Standard metallic security Hooks
    Security hooks
Security hooks
    Stop locks
Stop locks


Our CCTV systems offer an all-seeing eye over your store. They record high-quality video and provide real-time monitoring, helping you identify potential security issues and deter theft.

Access Control, Intrusion Detection & Sound System

These systems control who enters your premises and provide alerts for unauthorized access, while the sound system provides a high-intensity 127 dB of sound that will disorientate and confuse intruders forcing them to seek an exit.
Sound system

Shopping Cart Security

Self-locking SmartWheel technology

Protects your store/merchandise without anyone noticing

  • Merchandise recovery
  • No confrontation needed
  • Protect employees
  • Driving away thieves
Shopping Cart Security

Cart Control

Stops carts from ever leaving a store’s property or parking lot, saving them from theft, abandonment, and damage.

  • Prevent cart loss
  • Decrease replacement costs
  • No confrontation needed
Shopping Cart Security

Fire Detection

Safety is paramount. Our fire detection systems are vigilant in monitoring for signs of fire, providing early warnings and ensuring the safety of your customers and staff.

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