Transparent LED Display

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NSN Glass LED Display

The NSN Glass LED series is specifically crafted and tailored for premium window advertising and enhancing in-store customer experiences. Our glass LED technology utilizes top-tier industrial tempered glass as its foundation, augmented with their patented integrated-IC technology. These products find extensive application in various elements of contemporary architectural design, including retail glass windows, sliding doors, wall partitions, traffic platforms, landscape lighting, and atriums.

NB Led Barriers

It unlocks the full potential of commercial public spaces, facilitating subtle advertising and enhancing the technological image. This range of glass LED displays unquestionably adds value to any glass barriers, whether newly implemented or existing, transforming them into revenue-generating assets, rather than mere architectural and safety structures.


This clever product effortlessly connects with mobile apps, making it ideal for a multitude of creative applications. The NT sign is perfectly tailored for use in a variety of settings, including lobbies, traffic information dissemination, municipal infrastructure, financial institutions, healthcare facilities, public transportation systems, dining establishments, hospitality establishments, retail centers, tourism destinations, entertainment spaces, and real estate ventures.

Transparent LED Display


FantaSign represents our latest digital glass LED signage, offering the capability to convey various messages, including text, simple graphics, and multiple colors, thanks to its high-definition display. It can be affixed to any glass surface for shopfront displays, and it comes with a user-friendly content management portal and app.


NP Led Poster

Also known as the transparent digital poster, it addresses advertising needs for a wide range of retail chain stores. This innovative solution proves to be the optimal choice for shop windows advertising. Not only does it facilitate easy content updates without obstructing light like traditional printed posters, but it also enables remote and centralized control of multiple screens. With remarkable enhancements in brand image and publicity, the transparent digital poster stands out as the most potent and creative advertising platform.

NJ Window Display

The transparent LED display of the NJ series serves as a tailored answer to the advertising requirements of glass windows in retail stores. Its adaptable module sizes allow it to accommodate different glass window dimensions while maintaining the window’s transparency. It is extensively utilized in a variety of settings, including brand chain stores, corporate lobbies, exhibition halls, meeting rooms, automobile stores, bank halls, gas stations, science and technology museums, and cultural experience halls, among others.

XF LED Display

The XF Series incorporates standard Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and features LED lamps known for their exceptional consistency in brightness and color. Employing a modular design, it creates a standardized cabinet that is both customizable and easy to install. This series is well-suited for indoor fixed installations and finds extensive applications in areas such as glass windows, atriums, sight seeing elevators, and more.

Transparent LED Display

XRL Customized Curtain Wall

The XRL series are standardized and easily customizable products, offering high cost-effectiveness. It is specifically designed to meet diverse requirements for digital glass curtain wall solutions, making it suitable for application in various settings such as glass curtain walls of commercial buildings, landmark structures, office buildings, stadiums, and more.

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